5 Summer Smoothie Recipes: Good for boosting immunity for adults and children

We knowAIt is advised to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a dayBut DFor the children’s plantoh And part Sometimes adults This can be a difficult task. A good and healthy alternative to this is fruit or vegetable smoothies. These are KOctals Especially refreshing and nutritiousU Let’s chooseU In summer – They can choose InsteadE Breakfast or As an appendixA For other dishes. By the waySmoothies is nutritiousi am productRsThis isame Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and healthytheir fat However, according to Rimi is a health nutrition consultantRsDoctoros NutritionistRs Dr. correctos Gavelins, smooth Just don’t beE Consumed in the form of fruits or vegetables.

Nshould do Change the main food of the day

According to Rimi’s health-friendly nutrition consultant, nutritionist Dr. Edita Gavelienė, the smoothie is a good opportunity for people who eat less fruits and vegetables to include these product groups in their diet. “Smoothies should be used aTaking into account the daily rate of fruits and vegetables, that rate should not be exceeded. If it is a fruit smoothie, it can be enjoyed once a day. A vegetable smoothie can often be used. However, it should not be the only form of fruit or vegetables consumed,” warns E. Gavelienė.

According to the dietician, smoothies do not have a special advantage over natural juice: “It is a product with a little more fiber and a product made from a higher quantity of products than juice. A smoothie can be an element of an intermediate meal or dessert, and it finds its place during the day as the user chooses.”

However, health-friendly nutritionists suggest that smoothies should not replace the main meals of the day – breakfast, lunch and dinner, except in rare cases, and they should be prepared with as many greens and vegetables as possible and no excess. Add sugar.

A source of vitamins for children

It is sometimes difficult for many people to eat enough fruits and vegetables, and it is especially difficult to offer children a variety of products. In addition, some children are often reluctant to try new flavors or foods, and refusing to eat vegetables and fruits can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Dietitians say smoothies are a great way for kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, but when choosing an industrially made smoothie, you should pay attention to its composition, which may contain thickeners and sweeteners, extra fats or proteins. “It is important to read package descriptions and look at all the ingredients. Sometimes smoothies are enriched with added sugar, so it is recommended to check that they contain as many natural products as possible – fruits and vegetables,” Dr. Edita Gaveliene.

When preparing smoothies at home, nutritionists advise to take into account what is being prepared. If it is a small child, up to 3 years of age, children of this age are more susceptible to various allergic reactions, so there are fewer components in the smoothie, it is easier to understand that the child’s health has deteriorated. According to E. Gavelienė, summer is the best time of the year to strengthen children’s immunity and prepare them for the cold season, so plenty of fruits, berries and vegetables will complement this well.

“Rimi” invites you to refresh yourself in summer facilitation And share deliciouslyThat is Green smoothies recipeThat is.

the earBanana and Kale Smoothie

You will need:

2 Kiwis;

1 avocado;

25 grams of baby spinach;

1 banana;

2 leafless green kale leaves;

1-2 handfuls of ice cubes.

Vegetable Smoothie with Mint

You will need:

3 tablespoons of chopped wheat grass;

2 sprigs of mint;

0.25 pcs. Chopped pineapple;

1 large pear;

0.5 long cucumber;

1-2 handfuls of ice cubes.

Smoothie of green grapes, avocado, spinach and Spanish sage seeds

You will need:

200 grams of green grapes;

25 grams of baby spinach;

1 avocado;

200 ml vegetable milk (almond, soy or other);

2 tsp Spanish sage seeds.

A smoothie of greens, yellow kiwis and bananas

You will need:

3 tablespoons of chopped wheat grass;

2 yellow kiwis;

0.25 pcs. pineapple;

1 banana;

250 ml of coconut water;

2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

Spinach, Mango and Banana Smoothie


50 grams of baby spinach;

1 mango;

1-2 bananas;

250 – 300 ml plant-based milk (almond, soya, etc.).

Manufacturing process:

Mix everything with an electric mixer until smooth. If it’s too thick, add liquid – plant-based milk or water of your choice. Delicious!

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