A fresh and summery cake with mascarpone and mango juice that doesn’t need to be baked

I recently made a no-bake cake with mascarpone and strawberry topping and this time I topped it with mango juice. I added less gelatin to the cream layer and slightly changed the proportions of the ingredients.

Some tips

All ingredients should be at room temperature (including cream). Otherwise, the gelatin may clump.

Adjust the sweetness to your liking. I used about 5 tablespoons of powdered sugar. It was sweet enough for me as the mango juice and condensed milk cookies are sweet.

The base of the cake can be briefly fried in the oven – at a temperature of 160 degrees for about 5 minutes.


I am Dr. Oatkar Gelatin. No need to increase it further. Also, this gelatin needs to be used less than other manufacturers. Otherwise, read what is written on the gelatin package.

Dissolving the gelatin

I put gelatin in a jar with boiled water. I mix it up. Then I put the container in a container with water. I turn on the heat and stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved. It is important not to boil it.

I let the gelatin cool. When pouring into the cream, it should be just warm without starting to set. If the gelatin starts to harden, reheat it in a water bath.

Removing the cake from the mold

I lined the sides of a baking dish with baking paper. Although the edges are a bit uneven, the cake is easy to remove from the pan.

Removing the bottom paper: I insert a knife between the paper and the bottom of the cake. I hold the bottom of the cake with one hand and carefully remove the paper with the other and transfer it to a plate.

What materials do you need to make this cake?

Round baking forms with opening edges. I am 22 cm.

Baking paper

Electric mixer for cream

Food chopper for strawberries

Spoon, silicone spatula, knife

The pot and container in which you melt the gelatin

No-Bake Cake with Mascarpone and Mango Juice

Preparation time – 45 minutes, cooking time – 10 minutes.

Ingredients for the base:

  • 180g cookies (I used Celgos condensed milk flavored cookies)
  • 70 grams of butter

For the creamy layer:

  • 250 grams of mascarpone
  • 200 g of thick Greek yogurt
  • 250 ml cream (35%)
  • 2 tbsp. percent Fresh lemon juice
  • 4-5 tbsp. percent sugar powder
  • 14 grams of gelatin
  • 80 ml (about 1/2 tsp.) boiled water
  • Vanilla sugar or vanilla extract

For the mango layer:

  • 500 ml of mango juice from a packet
  • Gelatin 10 grams
  • Vanilla sugar or vanilla extract


  • Strawberries, blueberries, gummy bears

How to produce

Grind the cookies into fine crumbs with a food processor, add the melted butter. Mix everything with a spoon. Line the bottom of a 22cm round springform baking dish with baking paper. Grease the sides with butter and cover with baking paper.

Put the cookies in the baking dish, leveling the base with the bottom of the glass. Put in refrigerator.

Beat the mascarpone and yogurt in a bowl with an electric mixer. Then pour lemon juice, powdered sugar and vanilla. Defeat everything again. Pour the cream 4-5 times and beat vigorously.

Pour water into the container, sprinkle gelatin, mix everything.

Pour some water in a large pot. Place a container with gelatin in it. Heat over medium-low heat. Dissolve the gelatin while stirring with a spatula. Do not let it boil. Gelatin should be completely dissolved. Pour into the cream when it has cooled slightly, but is still warm.

Mix the gelatin with 4 tablespoons of the filling. While whisking, pour the gelatin into the cream in a thin stream.

Pour the cream into the baking dish. Place in the refrigerator for about an hour or until the top is slightly firm.

Mango layer. Pour the juice and a pinch of vanilla sugar into the pot. Sprinkle gelatin and mix.

Place the pot on the stove and heat until the gelatin dissolves. Do not let the juice boil.

Cool the juice. They should be enthusiastic. Pour them little by little over the cake. Keep in the refrigerator overnight.

Open the sides of the cake form, remove the paper from the sides. Insert a knife between the paper and the bottom of the cake. Remove the paper and transfer to a plate.

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