ABCs of canning: how to quickly and reliably disinfect jars + 3 unconventional recipes for pickled cucumbers for the winter

First, wash the jars clean

“When the canning season starts, sales of ingredients and equipment needed for this process increase. The most popular are 425 ml screw-top jars, followed by 235 ml jars,” says V. Budriene.

Vilma Judkazien, a representative of the “Iki” shopping chain, says that to start the canning process, you first need to prepare the necessary equipment and ingredients: jars, soda, salt, sugar and your favorite spices.

“Canning begins by cleaning the cans. Not only detergents are suitable for this, but also simple soda. All you have to do is place the jars in a solution of soda and water, then clean them thoroughly and rinse them in warm water. Another good way to clean jars naturally is to use vinegar. Soak in a mixture of vinegar and water overnight. It is better to soak the jars. Then thoroughly clean and rinse under running water”, says V. Juodkazienė.

The most popular method is tanning

Pickling is one of the most popular ways to preserve vegetables. Cabbage or cucumbers are usually pickled, but most vegetables can be prepared this way: tomatoes, beets, zucchini, peppers, carrots. For example, cabbage is pickled very quickly and easily. It is not necessary to boil them in large tanks, a simple jar is enough. According to V. Juodkazienė, cabbage and carrots should be grated first. Then knead well with your hands to release the juice and put them in a clean jar. Finally, a mixture of carbonated water, salt and sugar should be poured over the cabbage and carrots. Place the glass in an empty container, cover with a lid and let it ferment.

After a few days, the cabbage prepared in this way should be mixed with cumin. If you want more acidity, you can mix in cranberries, and if you want a more unconventional flavor, you can also add ginger. Finally, the cabbage should be put back into an airtight jar, tightly closed and stored in a cool place. If you like it spicy, you can use spicy spices like chili for sauerkraut.

How to do without pickles

Canning season is inseparable from cucumbers. According to V. Juodkazienė, it is better to choose small and strong cucumbers for pickling. Even after a long time in the jar they remain extra crisp and not soft. Moreover, the course of this process is very simple – cucumbers should be placed in sterile jars, filled with a solution of salt and water. Also add various spices: oak, grape, black currant leaves from the traditional dill and parsley. Sometimes a few spoonfuls of black tea are added to the jars before sealing. V. Juodkazienė also shares several recipes for canned vegetables that you can easily prepare at home.

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