Anastasia Kurginian: These days, a balanced diet can fit in your pocket

Pocket sized food is often associated with unhealthy snacks, fast food. A balanced diet can also be done Fits in your pocket?

We all need a planned, balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner to avoid spontaneous evening eating. That’s it It is a common practice for people to gain weight. We also need to find comfortable ones eat breakfastThere is none of this Empty ones Calories, unnecessary fat and high sugar.

Food industry A revolution is going throughHer – she found a way to make sure Small size, but nutritionally balanced, AllA convenient value meal on the go. These are meal replacementsgiving us Easy to useProducts that fully meet our nutritional needs.

A good example of a pocket-sized meal is a recent introduction Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Health food bar It is a complete food with 13 grams of protein, 207 calories and 25 varieties Vitamins and minerals. It is covered in dark chocolate and suitable for vegetarians*.

Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Health Food Bar

Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Health Food Bar

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Pocket size Products that are supposed to be healthy but really aren’t?

Actually, yes! For example, juice. Freshly squeezed or juiced in packets Blood sugar can rise higher and faster ourselves Fruits. A glass of juice Has about 120 calories and 25 grams of simple sugar. But only fiber along with protein And Fat helps reduce insulin release.

Many say:An apple a day Helps to avoid doctors”. Unfortunately, without fiber and vitamins, this fruit Provides a lot of sugar and increases appetiteio feeling. Also, modernDifferent apple varieties Aiming to “please” consumers with ever sweeter apples. therefore, I better pick fruit Prefer less sweetiu fruits.

You can add to this list And Most fruit bars are based on dates and dried fruits. They significantly increase the level of sugar, insulin and nesutThere is a long feeling of satietyBecause they are not enoughAh proteins. Another examples- Sweet yogurt with fruit filling. If we look at the sugar and calorie content of these productsWe see that they are equivalent to sweets.

What people need to know about balanced nutrition and diet to encourage them to make smart food choices, pIn general, food substitutes?

Modern diets are generally low in calories. In it Lack of minerals, vitamins, fiber substances, irreplaceable omega3 fatty acids. The American Dietetic Association defines functional foods as foods “Hello, enhance or improve”But more importantly, such food should be consumed …eternal Part of a balanced diet.”

Meal replacements have high nutritional value, i.e. protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, are low in complex carbohydrates and calories. However It is also necessary to understand that a balanced diet is the only way to livePart of our way of feeling good. Must be with her regularlyyou Physical exercise, stress reductionMaintaining a healthy body weightMe and proper sleep.

How does summer inspire us to live healthier?

Big question. in one hand, In summer Days because it’s easy to do NextRs, more sun, more seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs, we wear figure-hugging clothes, which motivates us to be more active and choose a more balanced diet that contributes to our well-being. On the other hand, there are also many temptations – ice cream, steaks, late parties, etc.

Now it’s good to exercise outside. Well, “Joining at 5 p.m Club” can be an invention that helps you take time for yourself – it can As a useful morning ritual Before work. For many, seeing others or being around like-minded people helps motivate them Join Herbalife Nutrition“Healthy lifestyle clubs, it isThey are encouraged Engage in various spOrtho activities, possible Get nutritional advice.

How do you know when is the right time to start a healthy and active lifestyle? How to motivate yourself to live a healthy and active life?

A turning point for someU Overweight, lack of energy, illness, dissatisfaction with one’s appearance. For others, it is a drive to maintain or improve their well-being, a desire to continue feeling good or even better.

In my opinion, the most effective way is to focus on yourself and not on a specific goal. For example, it is more efficient to predictGive yourself A woman who cares about herself and her well-being rather than constantly focusing on a certain weight goal. It helps me maintain routines, habits that strengthen me. I can walk 10k by getting up early and eating a protein-rich breakfast, exercising, being active with my daughter after work, and controlling my habits. Steps and weekly meal planning are some of my personal tips.

* If customers are undergoing treatment or have a chronic illness, they should consult their physician before making any dietary changes or using Herbalife Nutrition products.


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