At the table with chef Ruslan Bolgov: Virtuoso grilled chicken is not afraid of experiments Food

Chef Ruslan Bolgov welcomes the summer season with his favorite chicken dishes – liulia kebab made of boiled chicken breast and minced chicken meat. “My preference is ground chicken – it digests better,” says R. Bolgov says and shares tips on how to prepare minced meat.

R. Bolgov does not add any additional additives to the minced chicken, from which Liulia kebab is cooked – not even soaked baguette, breadcrumbs or semolina, so that the taste is as natural as possible.

“The most important thing is to finely grind the chicken, mix it with spices, and it is better to do it in the evening, so that the meat is marinated well. Not only brisket, but also minced meat needs time to combine all the spices during marinating,” advises the kitchen artist.

Both chicken breasts and thighs are suitable for minced meat. “Some of my friends like dry meat, so I use brisket. “If you want a juicier liulia kebab, use thigh meat, you can mix half of one and the other half of chicken,” says Ruslan.

Cooking Liulia Kebab is very easy

According to the chef, Liulia Kebab is very easy to prepare and cook. Grind onions with meat, add coriander, pepper and salt. You have to mix the mince well – this is done by hand: you take a handful and throw it back into the bowl. From such “beating”, the meat is tighter, more solid, gets more strength, so it is easier to fry, and the meat does not fall obliquely.

“If you don’t like onions, you can leave them out. Try mixing the meat with other vegetables like carrots, which add both color and flavor,” says Ruslan. Photo/Malta Chicken Kebab Photo/Malta Chicken Kebab

Before cooking, take the overnight marinated meat with wet hands and form skewers into kebabs. There are two ways to cook. If using wooden skewers, soak them overnight in cold water to prevent burning. The second method is cooking on metal skewers.

Liulia kebabs do not need to be fried for a long time: 5-6 minutes on each side is enough. Cooking time depends on the heat of the grill. According to Ruslan, if you use a modern grill, it’s much easier to adjust the temperature and cook. If you are cooking on a simple barbecue, prepare double heat coals – hot and cold. First fry at high temperature, then finish at low temperature.

And for people who are hungry or don’t like to cook, “Vilnius poustinas” offers an alternative – high-quality mincemeat ready for cooking.

“Vilnius Paukstino” Photo/Raimandas Sironis

“Modern consumers are looking for products on store shelves that make their everyday life easier. Fast, very convenient preparation and, of course, quality product are appreciated. Thus, “Vilnius Paukstinas” is improving its minced chicken and introducing two new items – From chicken raised without antibiotics to minced meat for burgers and meatballs. You don’t have to worry about the perfect taste anymore, because our product development team has developed a balanced taste and a meat consistency that is especially suitable for burgers and meatballs. No additional accessories are needed – open the package, shape and place directly in the pan or on the grill and the cooked product will always be juicy! If you run out of inspiration, the new minced chicken has unique QR codes, which after scanning with your mobile phone’s camera, you will be directed to the recommended recipes to try,” Raimandas Ironis, technician of “Vilnius Poultry”, shared the news to save time, find interesting recipes and enjoy delicious dishes. invites you.

The secret of juicy breasts

Ruslan’s friends say that the chef has never tasted such a juicy chicken breast anywhere else. Ruslan reveals the secret: set the right cooking time. Bake 100 g of brisket for 10 minutes, larger ones: 150 g – 15 minutes, 200 g. – 20 minutes “The muscle contracts during cooking, so you have to rest the meat after cooking to relax it,” says the chef.

If you add some kind of acid to the marinade – lemon or orange juice, but never vinegar, as well as oil, do not forget to mix it. “Oil is absolutely essential, because it prevents the meat from drying out,” Ruslan emphasizes.

Why is vinegar not friendly with chicken? According to chefs, vinegar is too strong not only for chicken but also for other meats. If you buy a ready-made marinade with vinegar and make the marinade at home, the taste of the meat will be as different as day and night. “As a chef, I advise you to make marinade at home – it’s simple and really doesn’t take much time,” says Ruslan.

There is a false myth that salt should not be added to the marinade because it draws the moisture out of the meat. “This is not true, salt can be added in advance. Too long cooking dries the meat, but not salt – this has been proven more than once,” the chef is convinced. Photo/Grilled Chicken Photo/Grilled Chicken

Freedom for Improvisation – Seasoning Blends and Sauces

According to the chef, each country has a mix of spices specific to its region: “If I prepare a Caucasian dish, I use spices typical of these countries, if Italian – basil dominates, if Asian – I add ginger, coriander, garlic.” I like to invent and mix spice mixtures, besides, I don’t think about their combination for a long time, the creation of the recipe happens spontaneously.

Ruslan’s favorite chicken marinade is salt, pepper, lemon juice, sometimes garlic: “I like to make chicken Asian and Indian, but I don’t have a favorite marinade recipe, because it depends on what company I’m cooking for. Drinks to serve. If I do it for myself , I marinate more simply, for friends, I want to surprise someone with something.”

When using honey or maple syrup for a chicken marinade to sweeten the steak, R says the meat should be cut thin to cook faster. Bolgov points out – the longer it cooks, the more sugar will begin to burn.

Ruslan advises that choosing the right firewood is important when grilling meat. Fruit trees are most suitable, followed by birch trees. If you buy coals, they should be large, because you won’t cook well on crushed, fine coals. Photo/Chicken Photo/Chicken

Summer Hits – Herb Sauce

While grilling the chicken, don’t forget to prepare the sauce. According to Ruslan, chicken is best served with sauces made from herbs, fruits and berries, as well as Mexican salsa. “You don’t have to use mayonnaise sauces. In summer, it’s better to use herbs as much as possible, because they help digest cooked meat,” advises the chef.

The best and easiest way to prepare the following sauce for Chicken Liulia Kebab is: Add chopped onions, coriander and chilies to the tomato sauce. Canned beans can also be added – a great combination. “You can also add blueberry or cranberry jam – it goes well with tomato sauce,” advises Ruslan.

Pineapples and mangoes are great for fruit sauce – cut them into cubes, if you want spicy – add chili and your favorite herbs. Photo/Grilled Chicken Photo/Grilled Chicken

As a side dish for chicken – fried fruits and vegetables

You can grill fruits and vegetables: mangoes, pineapples or zucchini. “And what a delicious fried cucumber – apply oil while frying the slices. Cucumber adds freshness to the dish,” says the chef.

Ruslan loves grilled peppers, mushrooms and zucchini – mix a sauce made of rosemary, garlic and salt. Salt helps extract juice from vegetables, pour oil on top – great. “I don’t advise choosing eggplant, because it gets kind of bitter when burned,” advises R. Bolgov.

Make Avocado Salsa for Chicken: Seasoning avocado with sun-dried tomatoes is very tasty. “The most important thing is that the flavor is balanced – the sun-dried tomatoes have acidity, protect the avocado from browning, and give it a savory taste,” says Ruslan.

Mango and pineapple are quite sweet fruits, so you need to add lemon juice, you can also add ginger – R Bolgov especially likes pickled ginger.

“At the store, I choose fruits and vegetables according to the season, which are most ripe and delicious at that time,” says the chef. Photo/Grilled Chicken Photo/Grilled Chicken

Pickled cucumber in 5 minutes

Don’t forget the vegetables with the chicken – freshly pickled cucumber is incredibly tasty and you can prepare it quickly while the grill is hot – in 5 minutes. “Sprinkle cucumbers with salt, pepper, dill and a little garlic – it’s brutally tasty, it gives freshness to the meat,” Ruslan advises to try.

You can grill an apple – cut it in half, remove the seeds and add a teaspoon of honey. Foil and cook directly without touching the fire – a perfect dish. Apple is soft, eaten with a spoon, refreshingly sweet, perfect for chicken breast.

When preparing fruits and vegetables on the grill, do not forget to grease them with oil, season them with lemon juice and your favorite spices.

Good for roast potatoes and steamed rice

A variety of dishes go well with chicken – the most popular being baked potatoes. Wash the potatoes, boil them, wrap them in foil, flatten them a bit and grill them. “Then cut the potatoes, add butter mixed with herbs – it’s very tasty,” laughs Ruslan.

“It is more difficult to cook rice in nature during a picnic – it is difficult to prepare it on the spot.” But if you are cooking at home, don’t forget that different types of rice require different amounts of water. Rice can be seasoned with coconut milk (2/3 water, 1/3 coconut milk). Rice can be flavored with orange or grapefruit juice, which adds sweetness. Photo/Grilled Chicken Photo/Grilled Chicken

“Rice should be washed and put in cold water before cooking. When the water boils, turn off the heat and let the rice puff – it will be fluffy and delicious,” advises the chef.

Pickle – wonder with cough medicine

Once, R. Bolgov prepared a meal for the doctor’s company and marinated the chicken … pertussis – cough medicine. “It’s a great tasting syrup with alcohol and thyme extract. The alcohol tenderizes the meat and the thyme adds a nice flavor. Everyone really liked it,” laughs the chef.

How do you come up with such original recipes? “I go through stores, I try what I see. I really like the taste of thistle syrup. Fantasy has no limits. Do not be afraid to experiment, make mistakes, because new recipes are discovered through mistakes,” advises chef Ruslanas Bolgov.

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