Discovered the most delicious pasta sauce: only 3 ingredients needed

Sometimes the simple things in life bring us the most joy. Perhaps surprisingly, the “world’s favorite pasta sauce” is made with three simple ingredients.

A big bowl of pasta with tomato sauce is probably one of the most comforting things ever, and the good news is that it can be made very cheaply, even if you don’t go shopping, writes

Canned tomatoes, onions and butter

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s no wonder that many people opt for store-bought pasta sauces to save time and effort. However, such store-bought sauces are full of sugar and additives and can cost more than the ingredients they are made from.

According to Italian-American food writer Marcella Hazan, a good pasta sauce is surprisingly simple and inexpensive, cheaper than any store-bought sauce, and cheaper to make and eat.

Marcella, who died in 2013, was born in Cesenatico, Italy in 1924 and had her own cooking school in New York and published some major cookbooks, so her word for the best pasta sauces really has to be taken.

In one of her books, Basics of Classic Italian Cooking, Marcella suggests using just three ingredients for tomato sauce: canned tomatoes, onions, and a little butter. It doesn’t get any easier! Written in 1992, this recipe is still praised by other food writers and chefs.

Nothing needs to be cut, and pasta with tomatoes is always loved by the whole family. Marcella’s exact instructions are as follows: Put half a peeled onion in a pot with butter and canned tomatoes and let it cook for about 45 minutes. This recipe is considered the best in the world by the food magazine Delish.

Marcella’s husband, Victor, spoke of her efficient cooking methods: “When it comes to taste, Marcella is a genius. She immediately understands how a certain flavor goes with a dish. She thought why onions should be cut and fried. Then she decided to put it all in the pot and not worry about it anymore.


The most important tip is to experiment

Is this recipe really the best in the world? It would be bold to say so, and it is also a matter of taste. However, Italian cuisine is known for its simplicity. It all depends on the produce, and tomatoes play an important role here.

Marcella writes in her book that “no other dish showcases the amazing beauty of Italian cuisine and a well-made tomato sauce.”

Its sauce has a very rich taste. However, there are other ways to make tomato sauce. Jamie Oliver adds four cloves of garlic to this sauce and garnishes it with fresh basil.

BBC Good Food recommends starting by pan-frying a classic sauce base of chopped onions, celery and carrots, but the world’s best chefs use a variety of herbs and oils to flavor the sauce. Anchovies are also suitable.

Cookbook author Felicity Cloke recommends using classic Italian olive oil for tomato sauce instead of butter. She also adds a pinch of sugar and a little red wine vinegar to her tomato sauce.

The most important tip is to experiment. With garlic or without, with parsley, thyme, basil or rosemary – canned tomatoes are tasty and until a piece of parmesan appears on the table, no one goes hungry.

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