Doctors recommend: how much and what kind of juice children can drink, and which should be refused

In addition, according to doctors, glucose contained in sweet foods is the main food for the brain.

“Children’s energy needs are high, and glucose reserves stored in the form of glycogen are low. For this reason, children need sweets as a solution to quickly get the necessary energy, so that the little explorers can run, jump and enjoy the world around them all day long,” says pediatrician A. Gurevicien said the Medica Clinic” in Panevezys, in a message sent.

However, when it comes to a balanced diet, children need a variety of foods. Sweets cannot make up the majority of the daily diet. According to the American Heart Association, children should consume no more than 3 teaspoons of sugar per day.

“The more sugar is consumed, the less nutritious food is consumed. Various studies show that children with more sugar in the diet eat less cereal crops and dairy products, which is one of the foundations of a balanced diet,” notes A. Gurevičienė.

Pediatrician Aida Gureviciene

Pediatrician Aida Gureviciene

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Juice – from 1 year

When choosing sweets, eyes often turn to fruit juice – last year’s “Spinter Research” survey in Lithuania revealed that every third resident of the country (32 percent of respondents) uses juice as a dessert.

“Fruit and vegetable juices in Lithuania, as in many countries of the world, are used for various needs: some use them to quench their thirst, others try to get vitamins in this way, and others – to eat. According to our statistics, juices are mostly bought by young families living in cities, who usually take care of the nutrition of their relatives. Women and therefore also children,” says Marius Gudauskas, head of the juice, nectar and fruit beverage production company “EKS-Granini Lietuva”.

According to the World Health Organization, juices and smoothies can replace one of the 5 daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.

According to pediatricians, when giving fruit juice to children, it is important to remember that it is not suitable for children under 1 year of age.

Doctors recommend: how much and what kind of juice children can drink, and which should be refused

“Fruit juice is not a drink, but a food with a high amount of energy and relatively low fiber. If it is not possible to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, children can be given freshly squeezed or pasteurized fruit or vegetable juice,” says the interviewer.

Estimate your intake

As with any product, juice intake should be measured. The American Pediatric Society recommends that children ages 1 to 6 years consume 120 to 180 ml of fruit juice per day. For children older than 7 years, this amount can be 200-350 ml per day.

According to A. Gurevičienė, excessive juice consumption can sometimes cause temporary unpleasant sensations in the digestive tract. At that time, allergic reactions to juice only occur if the child is allergic to a particular fruit or vegetable. Pediatricians say that a pink rash that sometimes appears on a child’s face after eating sour fruits or drinking juice often indicates simple skin irritation due to the acids in the fruit.

Likewise, grapefruit juice should not be given to children if they are being treated with medications. This advice applies to adults as well.

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