Experts advise what to eat for breakfast: it improves memory and well-being

So, what really helps to reduce stress and improve memory, said Kestutis Berzinis, pharmacist of “Gintariins Vystin” at the program “Delphi Rytas”.

Pharmacists noted that people of his generation felt more stressed before exams than today’s youngsters.

“Young people are more relaxed now. Nevertheless, one should live according to Surya. If we can rise with the sun in the morning and “set” with it in the evening, we will have no problems.

When tests take us out of our comfort zone, we need to make an effort to stay in circadian mode,” noted pharmacist K. Berzinis.

According to him, above all, stress control requires the happy hormone – seratonin.

“We should eat cottage cheese, nuts, honey and linseed oil for breakfast, so that seratonin is produced during the day and we don’t “take it into our heads”, we can study, remember well and wait. In the evening, melatonin is produced from seratonin and at night sleep to use the information we got during the day. Able to “put in drawers”, rest the next day.

Cottage cheese with honey

Cottage cheese with honey

It is not enough to produce serotonin, amino acid and tryptophan obtained from dairy products, a healthy intestine is also needed, because 80-90% of this hormone is produced exactly there.

Again, if we have an unhealthy stomach, we will not have a good memory and will not perform well in exams. By treating the stomach, we can guarantee better scientific results,” explained K. Barzinis.

For those who are still sleepless, pharmacists advise using cottage cheese and milk before going to bed. Also, before the exams, visitors to the “Delphi Ritas” program advised to at least temporarily forget about the principles of a healthy lifestyle and indulge a little.

“Food must be especially tasty. Let’s postpone the requirements of a healthy lifestyle for the future. If tea is required, it must be mild. We flavor the heather with mint and lemon balm.

Let’s not forget: the plant is a passionflower for young people who survive exams, it helps to get rid of negative symptoms and overcome the fear of exams. It is a pity that we are not able to buy flowering oat grass preparations in pharmacies. It’s a big deal again”, the pharmacist had no doubts.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea

K. Beržinis said that heart drops, used at the rate of half a teaspoon per quarter of a glass of hot water, help to calm down before exams and fall asleep more easily. The alcohol should be allowed to evaporate before using them. It helps to calm you down and take away the stress of the day.

The pharmacist of “Gintarinės Vaistinas” reminded that it is useful to take vitamins B1, B6, B12 and biotin before the exam, which guarantees good rest and excellent memory.

Spiced teas are also useful.

“We grind cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, you can also add a little pepper. You should drink this tea. Before the night, the tea should be sweetened with honey, because often awakening can be determined not only by the lack of melatonin, but also by the low level of glucose. So this does not happen and our body prepares for the next day. , a spoonful of honey helps,” pharmacist K. Berzinis also encouraged not to rush to take pills before bed, but to eat a bowl instead. Salad for lunch.

Passion Flowers

Passion Flowers

“A bowl of coleslaw, drizzled with lemon juice or olive oil, eaten the night before guarantees a good education. Many people have testified that it’s a successful first step towards better rest and better preparation for tomorrow’s challenges.

Valerian should not be overused. Instead, heather tea is good, as well as yarrow tea to improve brain circulation. Dr. sold in pharmacies. Eugenija Simkunaite’s tea gives good results – we can also find the same oats in it,” advised the apothecary.

K. Beržinis warns graduates not to set high expectations before exams. He noted that burnout destroys prospects and damages health.

“In the morning, after a good night’s sleep, the same passionflower or lemon balm tea and a couple of spoons of cottage cheese for breakfast are quite enough. Moreover, according to the current education system, students prepare for the exam for several years and the session is a kind of relaxation,” smiled the pharmacist.

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