Famous country influencers didn’t miss the fashion breakfast: guests shared what they’re wearing this summer

Simona Burbaitė, Inidė Jasnauskaitė, Ingrida Martinkėnaitė, Ieva Swan, Inga Žuolytė, Viktorija Šaulytė-Mockė and other women visited the fashion brand “Lindex” event. The event was hosted by actress Justė Zinkevičiūtė and florist Ieva Maslauskaitė was invited to a bouquet workshop, according to a press release.

Opinion makers were introduced to the collection, which was dominated by natural, soft textured fabrics, joyful patterns, colors and feminine accents created especially by artist Lisa Sander. The brand places great importance on sustainability, so printed clothes in the collection are made with the ECOVERO™ label and swimwear is made from recycled polyester. Dresses are easy to fit on vacation and create a comfortable look.

Exhibitor I. Martinkanite, who did not miss the event, said that he had already collected his summer wardrobe. The famous lady collaborates with various fashion brands and is among the first to see new collections. Summer is a real working age for I. Martinkėnaitei, so it’s no surprise that she wants comfortable, simple and cozy clothes when she leaves the stage.

“Though it is completely outside me, summer is colorful. In this busy time of the world, eyes want to see happiness and beauty. In summer season, you can find many jackets and dresses in my closet. I have bought many elegant dresses for important occasions. Summer is warm and I can enjoy a new look. I think”, said the singer who is indifferent to fashion and style.

Social network content creator I. Swan loves to dress brightly in all seasons. In summer, Aiwa looks especially good wearing green and orange clothes. Most of her wardrobe consists of dresses, and this season’s invention is suits with wide trousers, suitable for any occasion.

“I plan to spend the summer in Lithuania, I want to enjoy the beach. I prefer natural clothes, loose silhouettes and comfort. Clothes should not restrict and provide comfort”, – a confident fashion enthusiast.

As the seasons change, stylist V. Šaulytė-Mockė doesn’t rush to the shops, first checking what she already has in her closet. In the summer, the famous woman bought a scarf and a shirt reminiscent of Italy. Victoria is a true lover of colors, even in the cold winter she does not shy away from bright colors.

“I’m by the sea in the summer, so I prefer a light, boho style. I really like hats, I match them with dresses. It’s a very elegant accent that brings any image to life,” said the stylist.

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