It is easy to make and the result is 10 points

However, sometimes watching a good movie is more enjoyable than watching a future dinner. On such days, dishes prepared in a pot or pan, which do not require much time, come to the rescue and the result is as if you were in the kitchen all day.

Vaida Budriene, communications manager of the “Iki” shopping chain, says that such dishes can be prepared from any products and customers choose even the most sophisticated ingredients.

Loved in different countries of the world

“Even when it comes to various stews or soups that do not require special products to prepare, chain buyers choose a wide range of vegetables for them: celery, pumpkin or sweet potato. The sale of fish and seafood is also constantly growing. In addition, we have prepared a wide range of sauces or spreads: olives and eggplant, sun-dried From tomatoes to vegetables with cashews, it gives a special taste not only when making sauces but also when cooking stews,” says V. .Budriene.

It is not easy to prepare dishes made in one pot or pan – by cooking different ingredients at the same time, they reveal themselves with great flavor and aroma.

Another thing worth making such dishes is that they are easy to use up all kinds of leftovers. Whether it’s chicken thighs, or some pork, beef or fish, or some shrimp, or simple sausages – beans from meat or other grains left in the cupboard and vegetables starting to develop – perfect for a variety of dishes prepared in one pot: stews, porridges, stir-fries.

Cooking these types of meals and finding recipes can take you on a journey through the world’s most diverse cuisines.

The Italians introduced risotto to the world in a single pan, mixed with various pasta dishes. Apart from this, rustic soup is also very popular in this country, which is made from chickpeas, tomatoes or other vegetable leftovers and pasta.

Spaniards cannot imagine their country’s cuisine without fragrant paella, and in this country, chicken or rice and beans are cooked in various sauces with potatoes. The French also have one-pot dishes. One of the traditional dishes is ratatouille. Another favorite dish is the bouillabaisse stew, the stars of which are mussels, clams, white fish and shrimp seasoned with various vegetables and cooked in a broth. It may sound unbelievable, but you can prepare this dish in less than an hour.

A one pan meal according to a food blogger

Kristina Pišniukaitė-Šimikeė, author of the food blog “Ant medinės telėles” and ambassador of the “Iki” shopping chain, says that dishes prepared in a pan or a pot are very popular in her family. They are enjoyed not only by adults, but also by her nephew Ben.

According to the blogger, she cooks dishes in one pan when she’s keeping a jacket on or when she wants to pamper her family with cozy, homemade “comfort food” dishes. While a variety of ingredients and goodies are perfect for this type of dish, this time the blogger chose chicken, pasta and sun-dried tomatoes as the main highlights.

“I rate the taste of this dish as 10 points. The chicken is cooked to the maximum, tender and juicy, and the sauce is simply divine. It is very convenient to prepare the dish in one pan, so the preparation is quick and simple.

Chicken goes well with a wide variety of dishes, from pasta to mashed potatoes and your favorite vegetable salad, but for our family, spaghetti is delicious. Pasta goes well with chicken sauce, they don’t need anything extra, just cook “al dente” in plenty of salted water and serve with a creamy sauce of roasted chicken and sun-dried tomatoes,” says K. and shares a recipe with exceptional taste that he gives everyone to try.

Chicken in a creamy sun-dried tomato sauce

For the chicken and its marinade, you will need:

  • 500 grams or 3 pcs. Chicken thighs
  • 300 grams or 3 pcs. chicken legs
  • 3 cloves of grated garlic
  • 2 v. percent Olive oil
  • 1 year per cent. Soy sauce
  • 1 year per cent. Apple or other white vinegar
  • 1 year per cent. Grain mustard
  • 1 year per cent. brown sugar
  • 1st century salt
  • ¼ century per cent. Curry pepper
  • 1st century ground peppers
  • 1st century A mixture of dried herbs

For the sauce you will need:

  • Oil for frying
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1st century Dried oregano
  • A pinch of hot pepper flakes
  • 10 pcs. Sun dried tomatoes
  • 150 ml organic vegetable broth
  • Heavy cream 100 ml
  • 50 grams of hard cheese
  • To serve – fresh parsley

How to produce

1. Marinate the chicken the day before production: Put the chicken in a bowl and add all the marinade ingredients. We mix everything with our hands, we rub the chicken well with the marinade, as much as possible, we also rub the marinade under the skin of the chicken. We cover the container with cling film and send it to the refrigerator until production.

2. Fry the chicken: Heat oil well in a pan and fry the chicken skin side. We cook on high heat for 5 minutes, turn and cook for another 5 minutes. fried chicken
We postponed it.

3. There should be some fat left in the pan, if it is too much, pour some of it. Grate garlic in a pan, add oregano and hot pepper flakes, fry everything for about a minute. Add diced sun-dried tomatoes, pour broth and cream, grate cheese. Mix everything and heat for few minutes.

4. Return the chicken to the pan with the sauce (put it skin side up), place the pan in the oven at 180 degrees and bake for 40 minutes. If your pan can’t be used in the oven, transfer the sauce and chicken to a baking dish (don’t use a dish that’s too big, you’ll need the sauce to cover the chicken side).

5. While the chicken is cooking, prepare your favorite side dish.

6. Serve with your favorite side dish, sprinkled with grated parmesan and chopped parsley. Delicious!

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