Juicers make their services a fifth more expensive | business

Last year, three- and five-liter bags of juice were asking 2-3 euros, depending on the packaging. This year their price will increase by 15-25 cents.

“There won’t be such a drastic price increase – 10-15 percent. We’ll see how many bags we buy though. They used to bring them from China, but now we don’t know if they will or not,” Valerijs Kublikkas, owner of a printing press that has been operating near Vilnius for about 15 years, told BNS.

Justus Petraitis, who runs three presses with his brother in Moletai, Anixiai and Kupiski, promises that the most popular three-liter package will cost about 20 cents, but will not yet reach 3 euros.

Sigita Michailovskien, owner of a printing press in Trakai, emphasized that prices have increased by 10-15 percent. Definitely going up, because they haven’t been raised since the start of 2019. According to him, it’s not worth opening early because some apples are coming in, even if customers insist on opening already: “With some customers, it’s not even worth building the hardware because it takes three hours to wash it.”

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