Last Summer Weekends – 7 Best Brunch Spots in Vilnius | food

Lagom Bistro

Restaurant archive photo.  /Lagom Bistro Toast

Restaurant archive photo. /Lagom Bistro Toast

A restaurant set up by a young Belarusian couple near Halle Market Vilnius has made a great addition to the food scene and they have interesting breakfast dishes on their menu, served daily until 5pm. Another interesting fact is that no matter which coffee you choose here, you pay the same price – you don’t have to worry about that.

All Saints St. 7, Vilnius

Sandwich with mortadella, french toast

Backstage Cafe

Restaurant archive photo.  / Brunch at Backstage Cafe

Restaurant archive photo. / Brunch at Backstage Cafe

Experienced coffee roasters and brewers have greatly strengthened their food division over the years, so it’s not for nothing that fans of late breakfast rush to their first cafe in New Town and new cafes in Old Town. If you definitely want to get a table outside, you should probably go to T. Shevchenko Street, there is more space, and the whole yard is full of pleasant noise, dogs barking and children screaming. Everything is delicious!

T. Ševčenkos 16h-9 and Vokiečių g. 6-10, Vilnius

T. Shevchenko St: 8am to 4:45pm dd and 9am to 2:45pm weekends, Vokiečių St: 8am–2:45pm daily

Madam CrocCottage cheese

“2 Chefs”

Restaurant archive photo.  /

Restaurant archive photo. /”2 Chefs” Baked Croissants

who discovered The culinary studio was founded by the talented couple Martinas and Agnes, jealously guarding it as a great lunch spot, because there really is very little space here. Chefs who pay close attention to the quality of ingredients and the preparation of dishes also prepare wonderful, non-boring weekend breakfasts. They look delicious only in photos, it is worth visiting and tasting them yourself.

VI-VII 10 am-3 pm (Upto mid September only)

Sourdough bread toasts with curries, croissants

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