Nutritionist at Breakfast: The Body Doesn’t Care When You Eat Steak

– How important is breakfast compared to other meals of the day?

– If we take a general view of the whole eating culture, breakfast is probably one of the most important morning rituals, which puts a person in disciplinary trouble, but, from a metabolic point of view, in my opinion, it mobilizes hormonal connection processes, which work more consistently during the day, when a person skips that first meal and Let us compare it to cases where it is postponed to a later time.

If we look at it from the metabolic side, we can talk about circadian rhythms in our body, which works like a simple clock. If we perform our tasks accurately, eat regularly, it works regularly, it reduces the risk of metabolic and gastrointestinal diseases. That irregularity leads to all bad things, a person can eat breakfast even at 6 am, it doesn’t make a big difference and it all depends on lifestyle and regularity. Breakfast is important to start the process.

– In addition to not getting into the daily rhythm of nutrition, what other mistakes do people make?

– This is called a mistake when people put themselves in a certain emotional state, maybe you remember yourself or imagine something, when a person starts the day motivated, he is full of energy and motivation, breakfast is a healthy and large portion. his food He can eat yogurt, a couple of sandwiches, he can cook porridge according to his mood and desire, but what happens in the evening, and in the evening usually all mood, all motivation disappears and the person overeats, this is probably the most common mistake people make. They do not appreciate that when their working year begins, hunger will soon come and breakfast is too small to give the desired feeling of satisfaction, a person wants to eat again after an hour, so he grabs food.



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We overestimate our abilities as far as we can go without food. We eat too small portions, too many carbohydrates and too little protein. Another thing, usually a person has lunch after five hours of work, be it on 11th, 12th or 13th, usually office working people have breakfast at 6 am and here we face such a problem. A person has a hearty breakfast at 6 am, a hearty lunch at 11 or 12 pm. And what happens after that? After that, he overeats, because in this way a person has already received two-thirds of his daily food, and there is still a whole evening ahead, during which he is hungry.

This means that we eat everything in the first half of the day, we can have a light breakfast or lunch, we do not pay attention to what we eat, and when we return home in the evening, we want warm and special food, although, taking into account the possibilities of energy, without harming us and the metabolism of things, we eat more filling food. Can’t afford it, so it leads to overeating. In such cases, emotional overeating can also be threatening. Therefore, it can be said that a person underestimates the fact that he is hungry in the second half of the day, but eats most of his energy in the first half.

– Sometimes I see the opposite, people are hungry at the beginning of the day and don’t have time to eat.

– Or yes, they don’t eat and somehow think that I have a lot of work, so I’m not hungry, everything is fine. But later in the afternoon, or when the stress load eases, hunger starts knocking at our door. He eats quickly and there is no process, the body still does not catch it, after 30 minutes he feels satiety somewhere. It is a very personal factor, we have to adapt the diet to each lifestyle individually.

– Are coffee, breakfast cereals, sandwiches, etc. a bad choice in the morning?

– If a person does not have gastrointestinal diseases and coffee on an empty stomach only suppresses appetite, caffeine promotes a feeling of alertness, which is why it is stimulating, but when the effect of caffeine falls, everything can be in order. A person may start feeling hungry again, so drinking coffee on an empty stomach ends badly. It is better to have some kind of food in the digestive tract before drinking coffee, and let’s separate drinking coffee from eating somewhere for 30-40 minutes.

I am not against sandwiches or porridge, if a person feels the limits, then everything is fine. And in general, sandwiches can be made well, if we change the baguette to whole grain bread, we can leave out the butter, and instead of that doctor’s sausage put a slice of lean meat or salted salmon, it will be a more complete breakfast. option. I always say that a person does not eat more than 3 sandwiches, he does not overeat himself, the most important thing is the quality of the food. I always like to combine macronutrients with each other.

Nutritionist at Breakfast: The Body Doesn't Care When You Eat Steak

If a person then gets all the necessary nutrients, then he can start the morning with porridge, dry breakfast or other food that contains a lot of carbohydrates. If he estimates the amount he eats after breakfast, all will be well. And it’s even better if a person tries to make a slightly higher quality food choice and mixes those flakes with Greek yogurt or whole-grain cottage cheese, but not with milk. So, for common people, dry breakfast is a good option, if we combine it not with milk, but with good alternatives.

– Is there such a thing as an ideal breakfast?

– No, it doesn’t matter to our body when to eat steak, whether it’s at four in the morning or in the evening, it’s our cultural point that we eat eggs in the morning. You probably don’t know how to eat an omelet for lunch. But why don’t we do that? We can eat steak in the morning, because it is the same nutrient for our body, but it is somehow strange from a cultural point of view, after all, it is not porridge, not boiled eggs with bread. Or heating up pasta carbonara in the morning is the same for our bodies. So, there is no ideal breakfast. People think that they can eat as much as they want to be healthy. A woman probably doesn’t think that a Caesar salad with all the dressings, croutons and parmesan cheese has the same calories as 2 Zeppelins. Even after seeing bread and drinking a glass of red wine, she definitely won’t eat a diet meal.

Or another example, if a person takes some kind of bread with nuts, applies cream spread, puts avocado, salmon and boiled egg and makes sandwiches, after eating two such sandwiches, you can start gaining weight if you underestimate the nutritional value. . Everything seems healthy, but it is very nutritious and we often underestimate it. We need to know the food well and meet other criteria of a healthy lifestyle, which determines whether that food is suitable or not.

And finally, I would like to add that exercise is very important. Sometimes people sit too long and don’t move much, so they can’t get much if they want to be healthy. Therefore, something needs to change, because without changes in our normal way of life, we will not achieve anything. You can get angry with the nutritionist, reproach him for not doing a nutrition plan, etc., he did not say anything new, but in fact, there is nothing new.

People wonder why the same recommendations for eating vegetables and fruits come out and nothing new is said. Yes, because we can’t meet these points yet. How can we talk about supplements when we can’t meet the boring and essential elements? Western countries with all their food industries have a huge influence on us and drown the same Lithuanians in metabolic diseases, the further they go, the more.

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