Quick, Simple, But Not Bad: 10 Pancakes That Require Few Ingredients | food

How to produce

1. Preheat the oven to 220 °C.

2. Whisk eggs, milk, sugar, flour and salt in a large bowl. It serves very well Electric blender.

3. When the oven is hot, put 50 grams of butter in a round baking dish with high edges or a cast iron pan (removable handle) and put it in the oven. The butter should melt, sizzle and become golden (this should take 5-7 minutes, but be careful not to burn).

4. Take a baking form with butter in the oven for a while, quickly pour the prepared batter (just don’t burn yourself with hot butter) and quickly put it in the oven.

5. In 15-20 minutes. Almost a miracle happens in the oven – the dough turns into a fluffy, yellow, toasted pancake. By the way, with children, it is very fun to watch the glass blowing in the oven, almost pushing on the edges.

6. Remove the pancake from the oven, immediately put the remaining butter cut into cubes on it and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

7. Cut into portions and serve immediately with your favorite toppings – maple syrup, jam, fresh fruit, mashed fruit or whatever you can think of.

Change no. 1: Before whipping, fry some fresh fruit or berries in butter – pitted cherries or cherries, half a plum or peach. Place these fruits in the baking dish before pouring the batter.

Change no. 2: Replace 1 or 2 tablespoons of flour with the same amount of good quality, unsweetened cocoa powder – you’ll make a more or less chocolate pancake.

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