Renata, a food blogger who loves to experiment in the kitchen, has discovered the recipe for the perfect strawberry jam: now that’s our number. 1

He wanted a different kind of jam

“We probably remember strawberry jam as a liquid dessert with floating berries. Since I don’t eat fresh strawberries, only heat-treated ones, I’ve been thinking for years how to make a different jam with a more intense smell and a more uniform texture.

First, I found a pair for strawberries – rhubarb. Since then I have given this pair the name Rhechaka. The second thing I thought of was to sublender the jam, so I gave it a completely non-liquid texture with a thickener, it was not necessary to use pectin or agar agar. A third innovation is cardamom and pepper to intensify the flavor and aroma. Not everyone likes pepper – only those who like spicy sensations, so when making jam, I add pepper only to the part of the jam, which we eat ourselves. Tip – If you don’t know if you like pepper in jam, you can dip it in already cooked and flavored jam,” says the popular food blogger.

Since the taste and thickness of rhubarb is close to the texture of a sauce or spice, R. Šniolienė’s family tried to season grilled steak and fish: “It’s just wonderful. What about ice cream, cakes, pancakes and desserts in cups. A fairy tale!’

The food blogger also talked about oxalic acid, fearing that she would only recommend consuming laxatives until St. John’s Day.

“Most sources state that heat treatment significantly reduces oxalic acid in produce, for example, bald spinach and sorrel.” There are those who say the opposite. However, I always follow the principle of moderation. If we eat a teaspoon of spice with boiled rhubarb in July, we will definitely not increase oxalic acid. Moreover, if we eat a jar of jam every day, then there will be more sugar and oxalic acid, and even strawberries contain oxalic acid! And the most incredible thing is that it is also found in beets, wheat bran, nuts and … chocolate,” concludes R. Šniolienė.

A food blogger recommends making this jam just for yourself – it would make a great Christmas or birthday gift.

Strawberry and rhubarb jam recipe

Renata, a food blogger who loves to experiment in the kitchen, has discovered the recipe for the perfect strawberry jam: now that's our number.  1

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Most often, R. Šniolienė cooks jam from the following quantities of products:

2 kg of well-ripened strawberries

2 kg rhubarb stalks (weight without leaves)

2 kg brown sugar

200 ml of water

2 tablespoons of ground cardamom

1 scraped teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper

This amount of products makes 10-12 330 ml cups.

“I wash the strawberries, cut the stems, put the fruits in the pot where I cook the jam. I change the heat, pour water, stir until it boils, then pour a kilogram of sugar, stir until it dissolves, reduce the heat to a minimum and close the pot with a lid, loosely, with an air gap. give up

I boil the berries for about 10 minutes, during which time I peel and cut the rhubarb into large slices. After ten minutes, I pour cardamom, pepper, second kilogram of sugar and finally rhubarb into the pot. Stirring constantly, it boils for about 15 minutes, sometimes less cooking time is enough, I see when the rhubarb starts to move, this is a sign that everything is already cooked,” he shares the recipe.

A recipe born unexpectedly

R. Šniolienė was once eating cast pancakes covered with chocolate cream and strawberry jam at a friend’s house and thought of combining strawberry and chocolate in one jam. The result worked!

The blogger tried cooking with dark and white chocolate and decided that she liked the taste of jam better with white chocolate. “However, other tasters almost unanimously chose jam with dark chocolate as the flavor. So, I have to make a few jars for myself and many jars for others,” smiled the blogger.

And he adds that this jam is perfect for filling cakes or pies or for those with a sweet tooth.

Strawberry jam with dark chocolate recipe

Renata, a food blogger who loves to experiment in the kitchen, has discovered the recipe for the perfect strawberry jam: now that's our number.  1

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1 kg of strawberries

500 grams of sugar

1 bar of dark chocolate

1 year per cent. Poppy

For jam with white chocolate you will need:

1 kg of strawberries

600 grams of sugar

1 bar of white chocolate

“I wash the strawberries, remove the stems, cut them into small pieces and add the required amount of sugar. I usually do this in the evening, in the morning the sugar is already absorbed in the resulting juice.

I wash and heat the jars and lids.

I replace the pot and wait for things to boil. Then I add the chocolate (and poppy seeds) and mix

Pectin 1 packet

Boil for about 3-4 minutes without stopping to stir. I pour the jam into the jars, close the lids and place them upside down on a kitchen towel. I take the cooled jars to the cellar.

I use it as a spice for porridges, pancakes or ice cream,” says R. Schneolien, sharing her jam recipe.

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