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The grill is already heated, the red coals are glowing, the marinated meat is traveling on the grill. What kind of meat will we cook today? Chicken is a very popular choice because it is quick and easy to cook and you can choose your favorite parts of the chicken. It goes without saying that chicken is the most “submissive” meat – depending on the marinade, glaze and cooking methods, you can get a variety of flavors, so it will never disappoint or become boring – a real grill queen. Photo/Grilled Chicken Photo/Grilled Chicken

Broiler meat is extremely healthy

“Vilniaus paukštyno” chicken has exceptional quality because it is raised without antibiotics. “We breed broilers, which are bred by crossing several breeds of broilers. The carcass of these broilers differs from ordinary chickens – the skin is softer, there are more muscles on the legs and breasts. The meat is tender, juicy, fragrant, has more complete proteins, little fat, digests well, has nutritional properties”, Raymandas Ironis, technician of “Vilnius Poultry”, is full of praise.

Personal arch.  Photo/Raimandas Chironis

Personal arch. Photo/Raimandas Chironis

You’ve probably seen corn chickens in supermarkets. Technicians explain that it’s not a breed – the chickens are fed corn, which gives the skin a yellow color and the meat darker.

The people of the village still keep native chickens. Domestic chicken is large, fat. “Chickens bred for eggs are leaner, their meat is more suitable for grinding”, – the technician summarizes a brief overview of chicken breeds.

It is interesting that roosters and hens are raised in “Vilnius Poultry”. As long as the broilers are young, their gender does not matter. According to R. Čironis, you can see a rooster only in peasant houses: “It is better to cook broth from their meat and bones.” Photo/Chicken Broth Photo/Chicken Broth

One chicken feeds the whole family

All chicken parts are edible: breasts, wings, thighs, drumsticks, bone and boneless. Of course, you can buy a whole chicken. As noted by R. Čironis, a shrewd and thrifty hostess chooses a whole chicken – butchers it in parts and uses the bones for broth. “It’s good for the whole family because everyone can choose the parts they like.” Brisket may not appeal to children, but their steaks will be enjoyed by older members of the family. For children, it is better to grind meat and make meatballs or fry wings and legs. From what remains after the meat, the hostess cooks a delicious, hearty soup,” says the technician.

For a special occasion, you can roast a whole chicken – then everyone takes their favorite part. According to R. Čironis, grilling chicken is very popular in the warm season. The meat is placed on a dish filled with marinade, juice, non-alcoholic beer, mint or herb infusion and other liquids. During cooking, the liquid evaporates and gives additional flavor to the meat: orange juice – exotic freshness, herbs – fragrant, non-alcoholic beer – hop aftertaste.

Vida Press Photo/Roasted chicken marinated in herbs

Vida Press Photo/Roasted chicken marinated in herbs

Rotisserie Chicken and “Overlay”

Barbecue season isn’t wasted if you grill chicken on the spit. The process is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. R. Čironis advises how to do it: put the chicken on a long skewer, place it on the grill and turn it constantly until the meat is well browned on all sides. You will achieve an even better result if you glaze the meat during cooking: melt a tablespoon of butter, mix it with honey or sugar until it melts, you can also add your favorite spices to taste, lemons, oranges, apples, etc. Juice.

If you want to cook chicken in a way that you have not tried yet – please: try chicken “spread”. The chicken should be cut from the back, flattened and fried like “tobacco chicken”. R. Čironis notes that the “tobacco” is small, but a chicken weighing 1.5-2 kg can be fried using this principle: “Flat-fried chickens get brown on one side of the skin, and on the other – the bone part. Such a chicken needs to be marinated for a long time at night, so that the meat with spices pervades.”

Fotolia Photo/Chicken Tobacco

Fotolia Photo/Chicken Tobacco

Chicken is the most popular meat

Lithuanians have always been a nation of meat lovers. “The most popular meat is chicken, which is eaten the most. Although Lithuanians love pork, chicken is often the king of the table because of its healthy properties,” says the technician.

On the other hand, less natural resources are needed to produce chickens because chickens grow faster compared to cattle or pigs. As already mentioned, a broiler grows in 40 days, a bull – in 2 years, a pig – in 6 months.

“Vilnius Paukstinas” is the largest poultry producer in Lithuania. About 7.5 million animals are slaughtered here every month. Chickens, 5.5 tons of fresh chicken, 550 tons of marinated chicken products are produced. Photo/Grilled Chicken Photo/Grilled Chicken

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