Tetra Pak is leaving Russia and lack of colors has made Russian juice packs colourless

Tetra Pak, a private producer of cardboard packaging, announced this Tuesday, July 26, that after 62 years of work in Russia, it will cease its partial operations and completely abandon business in this country.

According to the company, the local management will operate as an unrelated business unit under the new name. A number of Western companies have already pulled out of Russia or announced plans to do so after Moscow announced on February 24. It sent tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine for a so-called “special military operation.”

Russia has faced widespread sanctions and condemnation.
In March this year, Tetra Pak stopped all new investments and projects in Russia.

With only the production of essential food products remaining, the new unit aims to ensure continuity for customers and minimize the negative impact on employees. “[PasitraukimÄ…] Due to the increasing impact of restrictions on exports to Russia, it is no longer possible to ensure the stability of the supply chain.

Therefore, the company has no option but to withdraw from this country,ā€¯ Tetra Pak said in a statement.

After the transfer of ownership, the new company will operate as an independent entity under a new name and will not be affiliated with Tetra Pak.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, I want to show you something. I brought it specially. Here’s a pack of juice. It used to be colored, but now it’s white with just a small picture, and it doesn’t really matter what brand of juice it is, even though it’s quite a popular brand. Why? Such There are many more examples. The thing is, the color is over. The company that produces the color for such packaging has left Russia. And the latest news is that the manufacturers of cardboard packages are also planning to leave. I bought this pack 2 weeks ago but they will be gone soon. Apparently, [sultis] We have to pour it in three-liter jars as in childhood. Unless it turns out that we do not make jars,” said Margarita Simonjan, editor-in-chief of the RT TV channel.

When a journalist showed the Russian president an empty, colorless juice packet at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum last month, Vladimir Putin said the country’s sovereignty and independence were more important than packaging inconvenience.

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