Vilnius residents treat Ukrainians to breakfast – DELFI business method

“City Laboratory” aims to be a place where Ukrainians and residents of Vilnius meet and give them a helping hand. A special fund created on Wednesday collected more than 1.6 thousand in a day. Euros. The higher the amount donated, the more an individual deserves.

“This person contacted us and transferred one and a half thousand to us. Without any questions or wishes – for a good reason. We are extremely grateful to him,” said Goda Sosnovskiene, co-founder of “City Laboratory”.

According to him, the Lithuanian beneficiaries asked to remain anonymous.

The donated money allows the “City Laboratory” to receive a large flow of Ukrainians, offering them a free late breakfast on weekends.

The results of the special fund became clear on Thursday evening when the first event from the “A Place to Meet” cycle was held at the “City Laboratory”. During it, several tens of Vilnius residents and Ukrainians gathered in the community center cafe, where they interacted in an informal atmosphere, exchanging contacts and information on how they could help each other.

“The principle of the event is to bring people together and help build mutual relations. Not only Ukrainians and Vilnius residents, but all of them. Yesterday we saw great examples of Vilnius residents who hosted Ukrainian families interacting with other Vilnius residents and looking for solutions to help their guests. How Ukrainians from different corners of the country We saw how people talk to each other, create their own small community. This is exactly what we expected to see, but the event exceeded all expectations”, – smiled G. Sosnovskienė.

“A place to meet” is not just an advanced networking event. The programs are complemented by a cultural programme. On Thursday, the duo of the rock group “Arbata” – singer Andrias Zalieska and guitarist Povilas Rakas – dedicated their work to Vilnius and Ukrainians. Cultural event, already with other guests, Vilnius and Ukrainians have been waiting for two and a half weeks, at the second event “A place to meet”.

“Creation is emancipation, and we saw this just yesterday, after Andreas’s performance, when a woman from Ukraine approached the microphone and spontaneously recited verses,” said G. Sosnovsky said.

“City Laboratory” awaits not only this weekend, but all Ukrainians. “We aim to be a place where they can come at any time, meet compatriots or new friends from Vilnius. To be and feel at home”, said the manager of “City Laboratory”.

You can contribute to the free breakfast for the promotion of Ukrainians by visiting the community center or by making a transfer to the account of the NGO “Pilečių natiičiavos”.

The next event in the “A Place to Meet” series will be held on Thursday, April 21. All events are free.

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